ADITS provides Content Management System (CMS) integration experience as a solution for complex data management and reuse. As you have a number of products that have shared features, and one of the biggest challenges you are currently facing is developing targeted documentation.

We help you to switch to a robust content management system that would help you in developing customized documentation for your customers. We support your requirements for online document repositories/portals and document workflow content management tools.

Improves productivity by establishing standards for document authoring/collaboration

Accelerates time-to-market by leveraging SGML/XML tools that enable you to rapidly author/publish documents and multiple product-related variants

Improves compliance through the use of schemas that ensure documents conform to required structure and content

Improves product launch success by providing a single source of product knowledge that facilitates concurrent engineering and aligned communications for synchronized launch activities

Reduces translation costs for global publications by re-using document components and tracking translations work/content

Reduces documentation costs by re-using content components at an efficient level and eliminating cut-and-paste practices

Improves accuracy and quality by linking engineering and documentation components so that changes can be planned, completed and verified before publishing

Improves interchange of document content by supporting industry standards, including S1000D and DITA

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