ADITS, Qualification Level for all the positions: BE/B.Tech or ME/M.Tech/MS. Candidates can apply online by specifing required details.

All ADITS applicants are required to only apply for the openings through Apply Online page.

Application Developer Specialist (Job Code: ADS)
    You will provide high quality technology solutions that address business needs by developing applications within mature technology environments. You will utilize mature (3rd or 4th Generation) programming methodologies and languages and adhere to coding standards, procedures and techniques while contributing to the technical code documentation.
  • Solid design, coding, testing and debugging skills.
  • Solid experience in Java programming and design techniques including experience with J2EE, EJBs, MDBs, IBatis, Spring, XML, WebSphere and/or Tomcat, Junit, and Oracle SQL.
  • Ability to effectively work in Unix environments.
  • Knowledge of version and revision control practices and procedures.
  • Participate in project planning sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed IT solution.
  • Participate in design reviews and provide input to the design recommendations; incorporate security requirements into design; and provide input to information/data flow, and understand and comply to Project Life Cycle Methodology in all planning steps.
  • Adhere to IT Control Policies throughout design, development and testing and incorporate Corporate Architectural Standards into application design specifications.
  • Document the detailed application specifications, translate technical requirements into programmed application modules and develop/Enhance software application modules.
  • Participate in code reviews and ensure that all solutions are aligned to pre-defined architectural specifications; identify/troubleshoot application code-related issues; and review and provide feedback to the final user documentation.
  • Experience: 3 - 5 years in Application Development work experience
    Job Location: Bangalore

Aircraft Interior Specialist (Job Code: AIS)
    You will be responsible for various engineering solutions related to aircraft interiors and LOPA configurations.
  • Lead Aircraft design modification team(s), assist with the generation of documented processes, metrics and interface with customers.
  • Mentor / support and lead global team(s) in multiple time zones.
  • Mentor / support in the design and analyze cabin interior components in support of aircraft interior modification projects.
  • Mentor / support in Developing drawings (e.g. LOPA, installation drawings, production drawings, etc.), procedures and recommendations.
  • Lead / support customer design reviews and presentations.
  • Coordinate / monitor interior aspects of project schedule with team members and the customer.
  • Ability to design and develop innovative and efficient training solutions and interventions using latest media and technologies advantageous.
  • Knowledge of aircraft seating, interior components (e.g. Carpets, Curtains, Galleys, Lavs, Partitions, Monuments, Floor and Ceiling etc.) and décor materials.
  • Understanding of IFE and other electrical integration requirements.
  • Familiar with documents (e.g. Frame Spec, Customer Spec, Colour Docs). Knowledge of FAA Part 25 Regulations.
  • Possess project/design management skills and ability to multi-task.
  • The candidate should already understand engineering drawing standards including geometric tolerancing and dimensioning.
  • Highly developed communication skills and able to deliver coherent and persuasive written and verbal communications.
  • Experience: 8 - 12 years in any of the domains: Aerospace / Rail / Automotive
    Job Location: Bangalore

Instructional Designer (Job Code: IDE)
    You should posses deep knowledge of training principles within the CBT/WBT/software simulation environments. Experience in using media to deliver an experience that engages, challenges and motivates learners is essential.
  • Conduct and hold Training Needs Analyses (TNAs), cost-benefit analyses and the preparation/presentation of reports regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of training solutions and associated curricula.
  • Lead research, and make recommendations for the deployment of emerging training technologies.
  • Consult with stakeholders to understand the desired outcomes from a learning module and define success and evaluation measures.
  • Consult with the target audience to understand their specific needs and to ensure that the solutions are appropriate for their needs.
  • Have SME experience in structuring training and developing design ideas for media-rich and creative e-learning modules to meet the identified learning needs.
  • Highly skilled in the production of effective storyboards based on sound pedagogical theory and practices.
  • Review built modules with stakeholders to ensure they're meeting expectations.
  • High ability to develop e-learning as part of a blended training programmes, with high level of software skills for development such as Articulate Storyline and/or Adobe Captivate.
  • Lead the discussion on assessing and developing new instructional strategies, methods, technologies and tools related to training design, development, and delivery for both internal and external customers.
  • Experience: 3 - 7 years in any of the domains: Aerospace / Heavy Engineering / Rail / Automotive
    Job Location: Bangalore

    You will be responsible for writing, re-writing, and editing technical manuals and documentation, course curriculum, presentations, and other materials to communicate clearly and effectively the functions of high tech systems. You must be able to capture technical information in a clear and concise manner, review and update technical and training documents, and take and edit pictures. Advises writers and technical personnel in matters of style, syntax, and usage to improve the general quality and effectiveness of Training Department products.
  • Have hands-on experience in preparing technical reports and documentation.
  • Work with existing documentation, creating standardized formatting and filling gaps that exist in the technical and process details for each system, producing a standardized template for each system and populate that template with existing data.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word Styles, HTML, and CSS.
  • Highly motivated, independent thinker and team player, with a sense of urgency, and the ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience developing, tracking and updating deliverables according to established timetables.
  • Ability to interact with a variety of people (SMEs, engineering, team members and clients) to achieve a quality product.
  • Gather, analyze and format existing documentation for inclusion in deliverables.
  • Provide technically accurate, completed, and professional documents for each system.
  • Demonstrable ability to complete tasks independently with minimal supervision.
  • Produce consistent, comprehensive documentation that provides the requisite level of detail to fulfill operations, security, and audit requirements.
  • Experience conducting research, and ensuring the proper use of grammar and technical terminology.
  • Experience organizing material and completing writing assignments according to set standards regarding order, conciseness, style, and terminology.
  • Strong communication and organization skills.
  • Ability to design and develop innovative and efficient training solutions and interventions using latest media and technologies advantageous.
  • Able to prioritise and recognise critical versus non critical tasks. Make effective use of time and resources. Must be able to work on multiple projects at once.
  • Knowledge of industry, military and government specifications, handbooks and standards.
  • Must be able to follow graphic processes outlined by the Graphics Lead. Engineering knowledge would be beneficial.
  • Experience: 2 - 6 years in any of the domains: Aerospace / Heavy Engineering / Rail / Automotive
    Job Location: Bangalore

    Aircraft structures, preferably in any one of the following areas:
  • Analysis of Primary & Secondary (Fuselage, Wing and Empennage) structures.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in Stress analysis (Composite & Metallic) and to checking the detail. Stress analysis as per any OEM standards.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in Fatigue & Damage Tolerance analysis (Composite & Metallic).
  • Working knowledge of PATRAN/NASTRAN, ABAQUS, Mathcad, Excel VBA will be an added advantage.
  • Experience: 3-8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Finite element modeling and analysis using ANSYS or NASTRAN. Candidates should have hands-on experience with various analysis types such as linear statics, nonlinear statics (contact, material and large deformation), dynamics (normal modes and cyclic modal) etc.
  • Expertise in 2D/3D FE modeling in ANSYS or Hypermesh for aero-engine/turbo-machinery/automotive/heavy engineering components is preferred.
  • Experience in interpreting and understanding FEA results, post-processing and preparing comprehensive analysis reports.
  • Experience with ANSYS workbench, FE-Safe, Motion solve, Optistruct, Harmonic Analysis and Random vibration analysis for dynamics would be an added advantage.
  • Experience: 2 - 8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Design of Aircraft structural components (Metallic / Composites) and Detail Design.
  • Ability to support 2D to 3D model creation.
  • 3D Model Based Definition. Systems Design or Composite Design is an added advantage
  • Well conversant with Aircraft standards, materials & processes.
  • Experience: 5 -12 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Tool designing of jigs and fixtures for machining/fabrication/welding/assembly/ inspection of aerospace/automobile parts. Preferably tools designed for fuselage/wings, etc.
  • Design of ground support/transportation equipment for aerospace parts.
  • Effective in use of CAD, standard elements, low cost automation in tool design.
  • Strong in fundamentals of tool design/drafting standards/product manufacturing information.
  • Experience: 5 - 10 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • R&D/Machine design with Product life cycle knowledge and hands on experience in Pro/E or UG (Modeling, Assembly and Detailing).
  • Should have good exposure to Plastics and Tooling.
  • Experience in Automotive/Production Machinery/Consumer products with manufacturing environment.
  • Good exposure to Part/Assembly/BOM configurations and knowledge of ASME drafting standards/practices and experience in Team canter would be an advantage.
  • Experience: 3 - 8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Plastic part design and mold flow analysis with good knowledge in Plastic materials and injection molding process.
  • Responsible for performing Mold flow analysis on Injection molded parts for Filling, Packing, Cooling, war page analysis with results interpretation skills (Identifies the cause of any injection molded part defects, solve problems independently and suggest part developers for improvement).
  • Have knowledge in Design of Experiments: Able to manage Testing & validation activities, Product quality and Process improvement.
  • Experience: 5+ years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Designing of Special Purpose Machines/Fixture/Equipments using Mechanisms, pneumatics & hydraulics.
  • Good Knowledge of design software packages like Unigraphics is must, exposure to Solid Works; Pro-E with exposure of PLM & PDM tools like Team Center engineering will be an added advantage.
  • Hands on Experience in Designing, Modification & Rebuild of SPM/ Fixtures/Equipment, Assembly and troubleshooting of SPM/Fixture/ Equipment, Designing of Welded Structures.
  • Experience: 5 - 10 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Mechanical design with minimum 3 years of domain experience in steam turbine component design.
  • 3D modeling/drafting of turbine equipment using Unigraphics NX, preparation of manufacturing drawings.
  • Experience in steam turbine casings is highly desirable.
  • Experience: 5 - 8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Experience with tools like Auto CAD (Electrical), E3.
  • Thorough knowledge on electrical systems, cabling, harness and reports.
  • Preferably from Rail domain.
  • Thorough knowledge on electrical systems, installations, cabling, harness.
  • Selection of fuses, cables, electrical materials.
  • Routing of cables, knowledge on EMC requirements.
  • Calculation of rating of fuses, voltage drop, load current, short circuit current, sizing of electrical equipment.
  • Selection of connectors, terminals, devices, breakers etc.
  • Ability to review, propose changes in the layout and equipment.
  • Experience: 2 - 5 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Security: IPSEC, TPM, CRTM, SSH, SSL, PKI, X.509 Certificate management, encryption and hash algorithms.
  • Authentication and Authorization, PAM, LDAP.
  • USB (hid, keyboard-mouse, bulk storage, SCSI).
  • Programming experience using threads, semaphores, queues, processes, sockets etc.
  • Experience: 2 – 8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Expert in integrating 3rd party applications SW (VASA, VMI and Microsoft Operator Integration).
  • Good understanding of Network Management System.
  • Integrating with HP Openview.
  • Good understanding of Storage domain and SAN.
  • Expert in C++ / Java.
  • Experience: 2 – 8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Strong knowledge of C/C++.
  • Familiarity to the Android stack and multimedia framework in particular.
  • Hands on experience in Android multimedia framework - Opencore / Stagefreight.
  • Knowledge of Audio flinger, surface flinger and streaming of data on the devices.
  • Ability to solve issues on gstreamer and Openmax.
  • Knowledge of Multimedia container formats - AVI/MP4/MOV etc.
  • Exposure to OMAP SOC platforms - OMAP3530 / OMAP4.
  • Experience in working with Android multimedia framework on TI based SOCs.
  • Familiarity with features of audio and video decoder configurations.
  • Along with above, familiarity with multimedia encoders and decoders would be helpful.
  • Experience: 3 – 8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore

  • Strong knowledge of C/C++.
  • Hands on experience in working with gstreamer plug-in development / development with gstreamer applications.
  • Knowledge on the gstreamer interfaces to v4l2 and ALSA.
  • Exposure to Openmax framework and Openmax based multimedia components.
  • Ability to solve issues on gstreamer and Openmax.
  • Knowledge of Multimedia container formats - AVI/MP4/MOV etc.
  • Exposure to OMAP SOC platforms - OMAP3530 / OMAP4.
  • Experience in working with HW based boards on Multimedia.
  • Familiarity with features of audio and video decoder configurations.
  • Along with above, familiarity with multimedia encoders and decoders would be helpful.
  • Experience: 3 – 8 years
    Job Location: Bangalore