With advanced technologies, the services must consider the human operator before systems are developed and fielded to the user.

Human systems integration (HSI) considers areas such as: manpower, personnel, training, human factors engineering, system safety, personnel survivability, and health hazards. In simple terms, HSI focuses on human beings and their interaction with everything in the environment associated with defence systems.

HSI is a comprehensive management and technical strategy for human systems integration that is initiated early in the acquisition process to ensure that the design and ultimate development meet human performance capability. These capabilities include cognitive, physical, and sensory skills required for training and using a system. The human machine interface applies to all C4I [Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence] systems and automated information systems.

Without HSI, systems would be less effective and more difficult to operate and maintain. With HSI, employees have a better chance to fight and win with today’s highly technical and sophisticated systems. HSI remains a viable and cost effective program for any military.

Identification of Training Requirements

Manpower, Personnel, and Training Analysis

Evaluation of Training Alternatives

Training Documentation Support Services

Training Database Update and Configuration

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