"Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence"

Training is a systematic process through which an organization’s human resources gain knowledge and develop skills by instruction and practical activities that result in improved corporate performance.

ADITS strives to provide information and tools for business and training. Our education and training division develops customized and cost-effective training solutions to address ‘L&D’ needs and challenges. The Team helps you in creating, captivating, structuring the training content with the most suitable and engaging training solution to meet your unique requirements for internal and external clients, from CBTs to E-learning that focuses on Cost Reduction and Improved Training Efficiency & Effectiveness.

Reduced learning time; students’ progress at their own pace

Reduced travel costs related to off-site training

Efficient tracking – student training records updated/ stored automatically

More engaging and interactive for students than traditional classroom settings

Consistent, uniform training assured across all locations and departments

Access to training on demand whenever/wherever needed leads to higher productivity, reduced error rates, improved operating performance

Complete flexibility – no rigid scheduling requirements and no limit on number of students with access to training modules

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