How might the optimal delivery method be chosen? How are we, as diverse participants, engaged and inspired to learn at our best?

With advancing technologies and an increasing focus on work-place learning, more and more decisions need to be made about training design and delivery, and it is helpful to consider these and other questions before designing and delivering a training.

Our training delivery method is not a decision-tree, but rather a practical resource to assist in making training decisions. Indeed, there is usually no single "right" answer that enables programs to be both cost effective and highly effective for participant learning.

We would like to add that nothing can replace the wonderful human elements that truly allow for authentic learning. At its best, learning involves excitement, enjoyment, and a diversity of interests. We infuse your training programs with the vibrant, magical energy of joyful learning.

Internet or Intranet based - supporting “self-paced” modules and evaluation

Instructor-Led Training Module

Mobile and Compact Media

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